Our Product

NHF thrives on highly customized, Engineered-To-Order projects that require adaptation and innovation. While the framework of our system remains constant, every project we do requires that we adapt our systems to meet the architect’s vision.

Unitized Curtainwall:

NHF specializes in custom unitized curtainwall.

Unitized curtainwall is an assembly made of aluminum extrusions, extruded gaskets, silicone, glass and other infills (stone, metal panel, castings, etc.). It can include operable vents and integrated doors. The units are assembled and glazed in a controlled factory environment, and installed efficiently as complete modules. The joints between units can take movement and tolerance, and the gaskets between unit assemblies creates a continuous air seal.

NHF System Design:

15 Hudson Yards – Podium System

15 Hudson Yards – Tower System

55 Hudson Yards – Podium System

55 Hudson Yards – Tower System

35 Hudson Yards – Podium System

35 Hudson Yards – Dimple System

35 Hudson Yards – Tower System

NHF Patent Pending:

We continue to innovate custom facade design and set ourselves apart from the competition with various technologies and systems that we’re obtaining patents for. To list a few of them: a dry gasketed system, a unique ventilation and drainage system, a pre-assembled and captured shadowbox assembly for structurally glazed systems, and a pre-assembled anchor and embed system.